The marriage game


Love birds often spend months preparing for their big day. Wedding dress fittings, cake-tasting, venue-hunting and shopping for rings are part of the fun. But how do you make sure that your wedding is also the start of a fulfilling live of love and understanding? For Better & For Worse is a game to prepare you for sharing your vows. Forty questions to give meaning to the commitment you are about to make.


Of course you dont have to get married or registering your partnership to play this game. The questions can also be a guide when renewing your vows or if you want to start a meaningful conversation about your relationship with the one you love. Play For Better & For Worse in the evening, on a rainy day or take it with you on a weekend break. Besides For Better & For Worse is a lovely present to give as a pre wedding gift. Long live love!

"This game is a much more fun way of going through pre-martial counseling than in the basement of your local church!"

-Tester of For Better & For Worse

Become a tester: be the first to play the marriage game


Well, that's what we hope. That the marriage game will soon be out there. But the fact is that the game isn't ready yet. Or actually it is, but we don't know if it fits your needs. That's why we are looking for testers. About to get marries couples who like to play the digitalal DIY version of the marriage game. Are you planning to get married and interested in deepening the commitment you are about to make? Please contact us for a test version of For Better & For Worse. All we ask in return is that you share you experience so that we can improve the game before bringing it to market. It is fun to do!

“I think everyone should play @themarriagegame in any kind of relationship, at any moment in life. It is fun, interesting, loving and sometimes just needed in our busy lives. A moment to stand still. A moment for you and your love.”

– With Lotte, wedding planner

Uhh - it is For Better 'or' For Worse


The name of the game, For Better & For Worse, is a deliberate choice. We know that 'for better or for worse' is most commonly used in wedding vows. But we choose 'and' as that's what relationships are all about. Life isn't sunshine all the way. There are good times and bad ones. The good times carry us through the bad, while surviving the bad times can make us stronger together and the good times even sweeter. It is not the one or the other, good and bad times come together as one.