Testing the marriage game


For Better & For Worse was first created by Nicoline Wisse Smit after her partner went on his knees. Although she said "yes", she had no idea what "I do" would mean to them. Playing the game proved to be a meaningful tool in learning more about themselves and the commitments they were about to make.

Nicoline works as a wedding celebrant in the Netherlands. After playing the marriage game herself, she started to think about developing it as a gift for the couples she marries. Just for fun. The testing process proved that others also liked it. That's when she decided to bring it on big time. The first edition sold out in three months. What started as a gift to her fiancé, was bought and being played by couples about to marry, couples celebrating wedding anniversaries and wedding celebrants.

As the Netherlands is a pretty international place, she soon started receiving inquiries about an English version. And that is how a new version was born. For this version, as part of bringing the game to the U.S. market, we are looking for test players.

Order your DIY version of For Better & For Worse

Are you planning to get married and are you interested in deeping the commitment you are about to make? Are you willing to share your experience of the game with u to help to improve it? If so, we would love you to play the DIY version of the marriage game and let us know what you think. It is easy to get started and fun to do!

All you need to do is to send a message. Following you will receive a digital DIY kit to print and a manual with instructions on how to play. After you have played the game we obvisouly would love to learn from your experience. For that reason, you will also recive a form to provide us with feedback. Please submit the form below and mention in the message part the word 'DIY'. Within 24 hours you will receive your digital copy of For Better & For Worse.